Dear valued customers, friends and neighbors,

We are sad and sorry that it is time to say zai jian (until we meet again). After 42 years of proudly serving the bay area community, Ton Kiang will go dark for good on August 31, 2020, Monday.

Over the years, you shared your weddings and anniversaries with us, celebrated and had us host your life passages and family gatherings events. We sincerely thank you for letting us to be a part of your family and for sharing great memories together. We will always treasure these moments and value your friendship. We will miss you all and wish the best for you and your family. Zai jian!

Ton Kiang team members and the Wong family


Salt & Pepper Chicken Wing $12.95
Lotus Roots w/Fish Meat. $14.95
MEI MEI Prawn in Shell $16.95
Ginger Scallion Lamb $15.95
Rock Cod Fillet in Chili Oil Broth $16.95
Dry Fried Chicken with Hunan Pepper $13.50
Crab Miso Noodle in Clay Pot $14.95
Prawns in Vietnamese Sauce $15.95
Beef in Chili Oil Broth $14.50
Rock Cod Fillet in Broth with Pickle Green $16.95

Dim Sum - Steamed

Barbecued Pork Buns $4.25
Shrimp Dumplings $5.20
Avocado Dumplings with Shrimp $5.20
Spinach Dumplings with Shrimp $5.20
Pork Dumplings with Shrimp $5.20
Scallops Dumplings with Shrimp $5.20
Pea Tips Dumplings with Shrimp $4.25
Mushroom Dumplings with Shrimp $4.25
Napa Cabbage Dumplings with Shrimp $4.25
Vegetarian Dumplings $5.20
Chicken Dumplings $5.20
Chicken Buns $4.25
Chicken Feet $4.25
Steamed Spareribs $4.25
Dry Bean Curd with Shrimp $5.20
Shanghai Meat Dumplings $5.20
Sweet rice with Lotus Leaf & Shrimp $5.75

Dim Sum - Fried

Vegetarian Egg Rolls $5.75
Shrimp Balls $5.75
Crab Claw $7.75
Stuffed Eggplants with Shrimp $5.20
Foil Wrap Chicken $5.20
Fried Shrimp Dumplings $5.75
Taro Roots with Shrimp $4.25
Rice Balls with pork fillings & Shrimp $4.25

Dim Sum - Baked

Baked Barbecued Pork Buns $5.20
Barbecued Pork Pastries $5.20
Beef Pastries $5.20

Dim Sum - Pan Fried

Onion Pan Cakes $5.20
Vegetable & Pork Buns $5.20
Chives & Shrimp Dumplings $5.75
Turnip Cakes with Shrimp $4.25
Pot Stickers $5.20

Dim Sum - Crepes

Beef Crepes $5.20
Pork Crepes $5.20
Shrimp Crepes $5.75
Vegetarian Crepes $5.20

Dim Sum - Sweet

Egg Custard Buns $4.25
Egg Custard Tarts $4.25
Black Sesame Ball $5.75
Sesame Ball $4.25
Chinese Donut $4.25
Egg Custard Cakes $4.25
Mango Pudding $4.25
Walnut Cookies $4.25

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